For the past 6 years New Solid creates all the graphics for the live studio recording of the popular TV show "Tegen de Sterren op".
It's a comedy show which parody other TV formats using a lot of impersonations.
In 2017 the new studio decor was renewed.
We created all the animated titles  that fit the new style.
The new decor has integrated led lights, all video driven.
That gave us the opportunity to animate patterns and colors.
We recreate TV decors using a big projection screen in the backgrounds.
To keep everything flexible on the production floor during the rehearsals, we use real time compositing in the video server.
We split the video content in different parts and re-composite them in layers in the video server.
This way we can anticipate and adjust positions according the to the camera shots without the need to re-render.
New Solid did all the graphics and compositing for a parody on the Trivage Commercial.
End Client: VTM
Production: Dedsit
Studio Graphics: New Solid
Light & video-operating: Painting with Light

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