New Solid won the competition to produce a video mapping on the City Hall of Antwerp. It was one of the big attractions for the opening event of "Winter in Antwerp 2016".
We created a visual story of winter scenes to attract a wide audience, from children to grandparents.
The content is custum made to fit on the building. We also created the soundtrack to support the storylines.
We used special effects like co2 smoke, sparks and a confetti canon to extend the projection with real life effects.
Screenshots of cinema 4D.
We used cinema4D for the 3D work and to bring the characters to life using Mixamo mocap files. 
A big snow machine builds up a snowman. At the end the snowwman sneezes and sprays confetti to create the illusion of snow.

End client: City of Antwerp
Concept & Video design: New Solid
Content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg, Pieter Neyens)
Sound design: New Solid
Projection and Mapping: Nexxt
Production Management: MundoMatic
Light & Sound: Phlippo
Special FX: Dewico

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