"James De Musical" is a television show where each episode features a famous individual as a guest. Through engaging conversations, five significant moments from their life are transformed into musical scenes.
The show is filmed in an authentic theater setting. To ensure seamless scene transitions, a significant portion of the scenery is digitally rendered. Therefore, the stage features a large LED screen spanning the entire back wall and additional panels at the sides.
New Solid is responsible for creating all the video backgrounds for the various acts, totaling 40 backgrounds across 5 acts and 8 episodes.
These backgrounds are crafted using real-time compositing in the Disguise media server, with layers intricately controlled by the lighting table for optimal coordination between light and video.
Our ultimate aim is to seamlessly blend the video with the tangible elements on stage, blurring the lines between what is real and what is digital.

The program has been honored with the prestigious Golden Rose of Montreaux award.

Client/Production: Dedsit
Showrunner: James Cooke
Director: Kevin Houben
Stage Design: Concept Factory
Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Design / Content Creation: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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