After the success of "14-18" and "40-45", Studio 100 presents a new spectacular musical: "Daens".
"Daens" tells the story of priest Daens who resisted abuses in the textile factories in Aalst at the end of the 19th century. He revolutionized the well-being of the factory workers.
Daens-Musical factory gates
New Solid was asked to join the video content team of the musical Daens.
The musical is made for the studio 100 pop up theater with moving grandstands and moving LED screens.

To feel the style of the 19th century, an artistic, painted style was chosen. All these stage designs were designed by artist Piet De Koninck of King Concept.
Daens-Musical inside factory
New Solid was responsible for editing these designs into workable layers to be used in the Disguise video server system and to optimize them for the LED screens.

We also brought some scenes to life by adding animation. And we came up with a solution to make great transitions between the scenes.
Daens-Musical Protest
Daens-Musical Carnival
Daens-Musical collection
Daens-Musical Fire
Daens-Musical Graveyard
Daens-Musical Inside Factory
Daens-Musical Inside Factory -Dream scene
Danes Musical -Collection
Danes Musical -Collection
Danes Musical -Applause
The musical premiered on Febuary 21st 2020.
Danes Musical -Empty Theatre
Client/Production: Studio100
Director: Frank Van Laecke/Tijl Dauwe
Stage Design: King Concept
Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Content: King Concept / New Solid
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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