Like Me is a popular youth series on television interspersed with songs.
Like Me in concert is a large live performance at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, where the songs from the series are performed live.
The entire set construction is covered with LED panels, making the set entirely composed of video.
New Solid was tasked with creating all the content for the LED screens, based on Jo Segers' designs (Painting with Light). The LED panels were arranged in cube formations, with bespoke content tailored to fit.
We occasionally experimented with altering the form, while at other times, we aimed to obscure the cube shape.
For certain pieces, we employed perspective tricks to add extra depth.
Using a 3D program, each set was exported into a layered composition within the video server, all controllable via DMX.
This setup enabled the virtual scenery to be illuminated and colored using the lighting console.
This approach allowed for optimal flexibility during rehearsals.

Compilation of fan movies on Youtube

Client/Production: Fabric Magic
Director: Thomas van Goethem 
Stage & Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Content: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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