Event Masters was selected to coordinate the Official Opening of the Special Olympics in Mechelen, held at the AFAS football stadium.
New Solid was commissioned to adapt the established brand identity into motion graphics animations for both the stadium and on-screen presentation during live streaming.

Our tasks included:
Creating animations for the stadium's LED boards.
Designing animations for the prominent LED screen positioned behind the stadium stage.
Developing a set of generic elements such as bumpers, SVOs, and wipes for seamless integration into the live streaming broadcast.
We produced a one-hour animation featuring the names of all 3000 participating athletes.

We needed to come up with a clever approach to transform the list of over 3000 athlete names into an animation that displayed them in groups. The resulting animation lasted for over an hour.
Experience the post-event movie, crafted by Event Masters, right here!
Client/Production: Event Masters
Video Content: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Shadows

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