New Solid was asked to create the content for the Christie boot on ISE 2017.
In order to promote the new 4K boxer projectors Christie created a projector setup wth 6 powerful projectors.
As a comparison, the resolution of an average cinema display is 2048x1080 or 4096 x 2160.
This screen had a resolution of 10650 x 2992 pixels.
Making content for such a big screen was quite a challenge.
The content was played out using the new pandoras box octo servers running the new pandars box V6 software.
Instead of rendering out one big movie we used real-time compositing.

This means that the content consists of a multitude of small images and videos.
All these images are composited together as different layers in the pandoras box.
On the screen they blend together as a whole.
We made 2 themes: a space theme and a broadcast theme.

Meanwile, visitors could experience an interactive menu by touching the screen.
The interactivity was made possible by using the airscan and christie real time ID tags.
We created 3D planets and the different planet animations.

It was very instructive to work closely with the Christie specialists, creating for the newest state of the art hardware solutions.

Client: Christie digital
Content Creation: New Solid
      with the help of
      PPunt (3D planets), Meer wit (Layout), Planets Research (Het schrijfkabinet)
Pandoras box programming: Christie digital

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