New solid created the video graphics for the digital decor of the TV show "The Battle".
The show was recorded in the studio 100 popup theater in Puurs.
The decor consists of 8 large, moving LED towers.

New solid was asked to create all the animated backgrounds for the show to fill in these led screens.
De Battle TV Show - Video design
Based on the style guide of "the Battle" we created different presentation sets.
De Battle TV Show - Presentation sets
Important point of attention: it is TV, so it had to look good from a distance, but also in the close shots.
That's why we spend a lot a work in the fine details of the graphics.
De Battle TV Show - Video design
In "the battle" 2 team compete against each other. Every episode, every team member has to do a challenge far beyond his comfort zone.
For each challenge we created a moving background, based on the mood boards, provided by the director.
De Battle TV Show - Collection
De Battle TV Show - Collection
De Battle TV Show - Collection
De Battle TV Show - Collection
All video content elements were brought together and composit in a Disguise video server.
The virtual video set brought a lot of flexibility to the rehearsals and recordings.
End Client: SBS/RTL
Client: Dedsit
Director: Kevin Houben
Content creation: New Solid
Video Server Programming: Painting with Light
Light design: Painting with Light

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