New Solid was asked to be part of the video content team for the Marco Borsato Stadium Show in 'de Kuip' in Rotterdam.
The Stage was huge. A LED Screen of 1.000 Square meter, 15808 x 1872 pixels and 4km of LED strips.
It's probably one of the biggest shows ever made in Europe. 
New Solid worked on 3 songs
Daughters is a coming of age story.
To tell this story we used an animated sketched movie.
In reality we made greenscreen recordings, and made associated backgrounds. The sketch effect was done in post.
Ik leef niet meer voor jou
We used an experimental technique using the Microsoft kinect camera to capture the 3D data of Marco Borsato and a dancer.
This 3D data was animated and rendered in a 3D program.
For this show the main theme for the song was fire. Subtle enough? ;-)
We discussed this technique in detail for the animation we made for the Borsato "Sportpaleis" show. You can read more here.
The whole show was unique because of the use of extended reality.
You can read more details about this topic here.
End Client: Marco Borsato
Set and Lighting Design: Carlo Zaenen
Content and AR Design: Michaël Al-Far
Disguise operator: Jo Pauly
Disguise system engineer: Sander De Schrijver
...and many others

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