The Mia's is a prestigious national live television show presenting music awards.

The stage consisted only of LED panels.
New Solid created the video design for the awards section in collaboration with VRT. Here, the names and photos of the nominees are displayed in the decor and the winner is announced.
Additionally, New Solid provided videography for numerous live musical performances on the digital stage.

MIA's - Camille - Vuurwerk

De MIA's - Bazart - Anders

De MIA's - Soulsister  -The Way to Your Heart

One particularly noteworthy act involved projecting onto a semi-transparent mesh, seamlessly integrating with the back LED, resulting in two distinct video layers. The combination of camera movement and video content produced an unprecedented 3D effect.

De MIA's - Metejoor - 1 op een miljoen

Client/Production: VRT
Creative Director: Ludovic Beun
Stage Design: Painting with Light
Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Content: New Solid
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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