New Solid created the stage visuals for "De Grote Sinterklaasshow 2019" in the 'Sportpaleis' in Antwerp.
Sinterklaas show - Decor
Based on the LED stage configuration we designed a 3D building that exactly matched the LED structure.
Sinterklaas show - LED
The building presented the training school of the helpers of Sinterklaas. It was completely computer generated.
Sinterklaas show - 3D Soft
After modeling and texturing the bulding we brought it in Notch.
Notch is a software programme to visualize 3D content in real time.
Notch is able to render to UV texture. We used this technique to map the virtual content on the LED sreens.
Sinterklaas show - Notch
All the exposure was done in Notch using virtual lights, casting virtual shadows.
The result was amazing. It all looked very real.
Especially the light reflections in the gold decorations were stunning.
Sinterklaas show - Collection
In addition, the virtual lights were controlled by the lighting console via DMX.
This allowed the light operator to create a perfect balance between the real lighting and the 3D generated decor.
Sinterklaas show - Front of house
The entire show was prepared at 'Painting with light' using Wysiwyg. This way we arrived fully prepared at the Sportpaleis.

But the best news of the day: Sinterklaas said that there are no naughty children. ;-)
Client/Production: Studio 100
Video design: New Solid (3D modeling bij Ppuntt)
Lightdesign: Painting with Light
Video server programming: Painting with Light
Notch programming: Painting with Light

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