New Solid created all the video content for the K3 Birthday show.
The entire stage was created using projection, including a spherical shape.
We had to deal with several complexities:
Mapping on a moving sphere. The sphere opened as a door; while opening, the projection had to follow the movement.
The inside of the sphere was flat, but had to look hollow.
Because the opening and closing of the sphere was tracked it was impossible to prerender the movement in advance. Therefore we created a setup in the pandorax media server to control the movement using a single parameter.
The show toured through the Belgium and the Netherlands.
Client: Studio 100
Decor design: Hause Design (Stefaan Haudenhuyse)
Lichting design: Painting with Light
Video Content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg, Pieter Neyens, Kurt Drubbel)

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