Pictures by Studio100
Plop is a dwarf starring in a successful TV show for children. “Plop and the fairy tale book” is a theatre show about Plop and his friends and ... Billy, the fairy tale book.
New Solid created and animated the 3D character “Billy”. In the show the face of Billy was projected on a big book.
Based on a sketch by Stefaan Haudenhuyse New Solid created Billy as a 3D figure. Next we did the rigging, the animation and the rendering.
The audio recordings, provided by Studio100 were used as a guide to animate the character.
We broke up the animations in different parts, some sequential, other loop-able, in such a way that everything could be triggered based on the performance of the actors on stage.
Start the movie and bring Billy alive!
Client: Studio 100
Stage Design: Hause design - Stefaan Haudenhuyse
Light and video operating: Painting with Light
Character animation: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)

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