Musculi is a Belgian provider of food supplements. New Solid was asked to create an opening act that was part of the launch of the new brand.

New Solid created the concept, the scenario, the video content and the music.
The show premiered on Walters Open/ the European Championship bodybuilding and fitness 2015 in the Chassé theatre in Breda. The main goal was to impress the audience, to introduce the brand identity and to show that Musculi is all about quality powders.
We used back projection and floor projection.
The scenario had a logical build up.
We started showing animated brand identity images, next we introduced the products.
We ended with a spectacular projection where athletes on stage were interacting with the video all around them.
The athletes enter different stages; all based on symbols representing power, like lightning, rocks, water. We ended with a fantasy representation of the Musculi powder production machine.
For the last part we used perspective tricks, calculated from the point of view of the audience.
This way we were able to create the illusion as if the ground was falling down under the athletes’ feet.
For the presentation of the products we thought of an interesting projection trick.
It looked like the products were actually hanging in 3D. We achieved this by projecting their shadows on the floor using floor projection. This way the products really stand out and came loose from the background.
New solid also composed the music track.
Client: Medix Laboratoires
Concept and scenario: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)
Video content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg, Maarten Vanermen, Bart Winckers)
Projection and video server: XL-video
Musculi brand design: Giraffix
Music composition: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)
Audio mix and master: Nick Leyers

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