Every year, Studio 100 hosts the grand Sinterklaas show at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp.
The entire set is digital and consists of LED panels brought to life with video.
New Solid was tasked with creating all these stage visuals. The storyline focused on a grand pipe organ, which was adorned differently to suit each act.

We designed a 3D organ featuring animated statues.
We programmed it as a stack of layers, enabling us to modify their colors through DMX control on the video server.
That ensures a fast workflow and optimal flexibility on-site during rehearsals.
Client/Production: Studio 100
Director: Stefan Staes
Video Design: New Solid 
Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Design / Content Creation: New Solid:  Aitor Biedma - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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