In 2014 'Studio 100' produced the spectacular musical 14-18 in remembrance of the Great War. It was one of the biggest productions in Europe ever. The spectators were seated on a rolling tribune that drove to the front and back over a total distance of more than 100 meter.
New Solid was asked to create all the video content for the show. Using the techniques of 3D projection mapping New Solid created a visual illusion of floating water while opening the floodgates. Sometimes people asked themselves where the water ran. But it was all an illusion.
In addition, New Solid created all the video content for the 42m wide back screen. The background was illuminated with 3 projectors, covering a total resolution of 3778 x 996 pixels.
We worked hard to make the video merge with all the rest. In some scenes it was unclear where the decor ends and the video took over.
We created the content in order to optimize flexibility in the pandoras box video server and took a leading part in programming the video server.
Production: Studio 100
Décor design: Haus Design (Stefaan Haudenhuyze)
Light and video server programming: Painting With Light
Video Content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg, Bart Winckers, Maarten Vanermen, Kevin Mariën, David Klein)
Video Mapping: New Solid
Projection: PRG Productions

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