New Solid created the video content for the Ketnet Musical Troep!
The main scenery consisted of a run-down building. The whole stage was a combination of real elements (doors, gates, porps) and LED screens (walls).
For the first time we used Notch to create realtime rendered videocontent as in a videogame.
Notch contained the 3D model of the building. All the exposure was done in Notch using virtual lights.
The result was amazing. It all looked very realistic
The secret was all in the normal map.
In addition, the virtual lights were controlled by the lighting console via DMX.
This allowed the light operator to create a perfect balance between the real lighting and the virtual decor.
The textures of the 3D model were in fact a video feed from the video server.
This allowed us to add extra video layers for the magical scene where the plants start to grow.
Pay attention, this will the content creation of the future.
More and more, rendered content will shift to real-time generated content.

video images  © studio100 - Ketnet

Production/Endclient: Studio100-Ketnet
Director: Tijl Dauwe
Client: Painting with Light
Content creation: New Solid
Stage design: Marnik Baert
Lightdesign: Painting with Light
Videoserver en Notch Operator: Painting with Light

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