The Zoute Grand Prix is a major event centered around vintage cars. The event concludes with a grand gala. 
This year's gala was hosted in a spacious tent equipped with 360 surround video panels.
New Solid was commissioned to provide fitting content for this arrangement.

We crafted a grand immersive intro animation, featuring animations progressing seamlessly across the wall, captivating the viewer's attention with every moment.
Subsequently, we developed atmospheric loops for the dinner, such as an aquarium, a mystical forest, and a castle wall adorned with sponsor flags.
Furthermore, we produced bumpers for the Awards section.
In addition, we brainstormed a clever conclusion for a video, with the car exiting the frame in the final shot, unveiling the fundamental look and feel across the entire LED wall.
Client/Production: DIVAssistance
Director: Dirk Van De Catsyne
Video Content: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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