New Solid created a video mapping to promote the prelaunch of the new DIVA museum.
It's a museum about diamonds, juwelery and goldsmithing.
The videomapping was part of a teasing campagne to warm up the visitors for the upcoming opening in May 2018.
It was a visual attraction part of the "Winter in Antwerp" event.
We created the concept "Behind the windows".
We masked out the windows and placed an edit of close-up shots of juwelery and art objects behind the windows.
This way people could look inside figuratively.
On the facade we projected abstract shapes and colors according to the objects behind the windows.
The projection was scheduled for a whole month. Each night the projector switched on and off automatically on the correct hours.
End client: DIVA
Concept: New Solid
Content: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg, Maarten Vanermen)
Projection and Mapping: Nexxt Technology

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