After 30 years, Gert Verhulst stops as the owner of Samson.
To celebrate those 30 years and to announce who will be his successor, Studio 100 launched "the Samson & Gert farewell show". 
30Y Samson&Gert Video design
The show would take place in the studio 100 pop-up theater in Puurs, where 8 large LED screens can circulate on the theater floor.
New Solid was asked to design and produce all the videocontent for the these screens.

We designed a warm and cozy default scenery.
It was made up of more than 20 different layers.
The different layers were composed in the video server and linked to the light console via DMX.
30Y Samson&Gert Collection
This way, the light operator was able to change colors and perform chases in the virtual light bulbs.
This allowed us to make real-time adjustments in function of the scenario without additional renders.
That was a very time-saving and flexible way of working.
In addition to this default scenery also custom video content was created according to the theme of the songs in the show.
30Y Samson&Gert Collection
30Y Samson&Gert Collection
30Y Samson&Gert Collection
30Y Samson&Gert Collection
30Y Samson&Gert Motorcycle
30Y Samson&Gert Pirates
30Y Samson&Gert Fire Brigade
30Y Samson&Gert Disco
During the show it was announced that Marie Verhulst will be Gert's successor.
30Y Samson&Gert Marie
We are very proud of this project and are convinced that our video has contributed to an attractive, successful show.

The show ends with the very last song and a lot of twinkling stars.
Client/Production: Studio 100
Director: Stefan Staes
Video Design: New Solid
Light design/operating: Painting with Light
Video Server Programming: Painting with Light

... and many others

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