James the Musical is a television program in which each episode features a famous person as a guest. During a fine conversation, five highlights of his/her life are made into a musical scene.
The program is recorded in a real theater.
To be able to change scenery quickly, much of the scenery is digital.
There is a large LED screen covering the entire back wall and advance side panels.
For the third year in a row, New Solid made all the video backgrounds for the various acts.
5 acts x 6 episodes makes 30 backgrounds.
The backgrounds are built using real-time compositing in the Disguise media server. The layers are partially controlled by the lighting table so that we can flexibly coordinate light and video.
Our goal is to merge the video with the real scenery elements on stage, so that you no longer see what is video and what is real.
Client/Production: Dedsit
Showrunner: James Cooke
Director: Kevin Houben
Stage Design: Concept Factory
Light Design: Painting with Light
Video Design / Content Creation: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg
Video server programming: Painting with Light

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