For Vinci's company event, New Solid was consulted to brainstorm ideas for enhancing the venue with video elements.
Given that projection onto a white screen would be affected by ambient light interference, we opted to project onto a printed canvas instead. The canvas itself was dark, with white cutouts specifically designed for projection purposes.

The printed canvas

Within these white areas, masked animations and videos were projected. These animations cleverly interacted with the circular shape of the cutouts.

The shapes referred to dinner plates, as a connection to Piet Stockman, who presented his porcelain collection on-site.
Piet Stockmans exhibited and was a guest speaker that evening. For the content of the circles, we created abstract animations inspired by his work and montages that showcased his creations.
The dishes were also presented by the chef within this graphical circular format.
End Client:Vinci
Client/Production: Open the fridge Events  
Stage/ Light Design: Sense AV
Video Design & Content Creation: New Solid - Bart Tauwenberg

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