Bokrijk is an open air museum in Belgium. In cooperation with “Het Geluidshuis” and “Gelotology” New Solid was part of the team to create a visual attraction in the smithy. A funny story is told by the tools of the blacksmith, starring the ton, the oven and the anvil. 
Using the technique of video mapping we bring the tools to live: animated faces are projected onto the tools.
New Solid was asked to animate the characters and to guide the mapping proces.
Screenshots of cinema 4D.
We used expresso to automate some off the rigging and morph deformers.
Testing the technical setup at the Painting with Light offices.
Start the movie to see the making of the whole project.
Movie made by Bokrijk and Gelotology.
Client: Bokrijk
Production: Het geluidshuis, Gelotology
Concept & Story: Gelotology
Sound: Het geluidshuis

Character Design & modelling: UmbraCG
Character Animation: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)
Technical production: Painting With Light

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