For the past 5 years New Solid creates all the graphics for the live studio recordings of the popular TV show “Tegen de Sterren op”.
It’s a comedy show which parody other TV formats using a lot of impersonations.
We help to recreate TV decors using a big projection screen in the background.
It's the successful mix of video and stage attributes that makes the illusion.
Every episode ends with a song. We create audio-driven visuals for each song.
To keep everything flexible on the production floor during the rehearsals, we use real-time compositing in the video server.
We split the video content in different parts and re-composite them in layers in the video server.
This way we can anticipate and adjust positions according to the camera shots without the need to re-render.
End Client: VTM
Production: Dedsit
Studio Graphics: New Solid (Bart Tauwenberg)
Light & video-operating: Painting with Light

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