New Solid adapted 360 Drone images to be used in a the new Zespri exhibition stand.
The inside of the boot consisted of a 360 surround projected video image.

To make the drone footage suitable to use in this setting, the footage needed to be stabilized.
Stabilizing 360 surround footage is rather complex.
The video needs to be stabilized from 6 degrees of motion and rotation:
up-down, right-left, forward-backwards and Pitch, Roll, Yaw.
Unstabilized footage would result in a waving horizon.
We used the syntheyes tracking software to stabilize the footage.
The software analyzes and calculates, based on the video footage, how the drone camera has moved and rotated in 3D space.
Next it manipulates the movie to neutralize this motion.

After stabilizing we did some colourgrading to make the images look more vibrant.
Click play to see some before and after shots.

Client: iD2Q
Exhibition Stand: Zoot
End Client: Zespri
Drone footage: Bepurple
Content Post Production: New Solid

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